Lost some weight and put on some “new” doors

June 26, 2011

I have been busy. Who isn’t, though? So, no real excuse. I have a few things to update you on.

I forgot to take pictures before I put some new doors on a few days ago, so the pics I’m putting below are post car wash and post door replacement. Kirk at North Westy had the same color bus at his shop, just a year older, so we swapped out the doors. Mine had power mirrors so I still have to hook those up to the newer doors. I think I’ll do that when I hook the new sound system up (Colby and Nate, I’d love your help with the stereo!).
Here’s pics a day or two after the car wash with the new doors on it:

MAN, that dirt served to be great make-up!! It’ll get touched up a bit when the pop-top is put on. Later, when we have the money to finish all the rust remediation and do the paint job, this will be a really fun picture to look back on!

One thing I’m sure all Vanagon owners can agree on is that the search for add-ons, parts for modification and just newer replacement items is an endless…well, obsession (at least at first!). I’m sure that, like any toy, the reality will hit that it’s just another toy…but, at the moment, I’m a tad feverish. I’ve had to physically remove the Syncro from my vision to stop thinking about it. It was taken to North Westy last Tuesday for some major surgery (the pop-top is being installed), so that has helped me focus on things that I’ve been neglecting lately (like work and $!).

Moving on. I have only done a few things to the van since posting last. First, I ripped out the central air conditioning unit. Next, I tried to get the rear washer fluid working again. Here are some before and after pics of the air conditioning demo:

You’ll notice I left the vent cavity at the front of the air conditioning unit. I am having some strange ideas about ripping those vents out, cutting some more square holes and using that cavity for storage (cd cases, sunglasses, etc…), however, it may just look funny and fail.

I’ve put this up on craigslist for a few days and then trashed it.

I’m sure that someone out there could use some replacement parts, but I have absolutely NO storage and wife has no tolerance for junk laying around yard.

I also got my Bentley “manual” in the mail last week! It’s really more like an encyclopedia. It’s MASSIVE:

Now, I’m no mechanic (which will undoubtably make this blog pretty boring for those looking for step-by-step instructions on fixing things in their own Vanagons) but that doesn’t mean that I’m not going to try and fix things and learn. In fact, I plan on knowing my Vanagon quite well, hence, the purchase of the Vanagon bible. Now, I just need the right tools. Kirk @ North Westy gave me a list; I just need to conjure up the cash to chip away at it.

I lost the pics I took of repairing the rear washing fluid problem. Problem: rear washer fluid pump was running, with wiper fluid full but not spraying onto rear window. I figured it was clogged or kinked or something and it turned out to be the latter. I opened up the pannel, took out rear fluid container, cut the kink out of feeder hose and refitted it onto the pump with just enough slack to refasten the container. I then tried the rear wipers again and, BAM!, my first official fix! Or, so I thought. Seems that a rat or some other critter chewed through the hose somewhere between where it transitions from the inside of the van to out the back, above the rear door. So, once I noticed water coming into the inside of the bus, soaking through the corner panels, my initial joy quickly fled. I’m going to have to pull some new tubing in there when I get the van back from North Westy. Speaking of which, I hope to get out there and take some pictures while Kirk and his boys do the pop-top on the Syncro. However, I’ll leave you with some pics of the North Westy shop and the guys prepping the frame-top for my pop-top. I took these when I dropped the van off last week:

Here are some shots of the sweet Syncros parked around North Westy:

I want some new wheels at some point. I think it makes a huge difference aesthetically. I’m not a huge fan of the the steel wheel look but I know some are.

As far the ultimate color of the Syncro, we were thinking a midnight blue color, like that found on the newer blue Honda Elements: http://www.thetorquereport.com/2008/08/2008_honda_element_recalled_to.html but after seeing this gray, my wife finally came over to my side and we are thinking about going with this more utilitarian color. I think it’s sharp.

That’s it for now. Hopefully, I’ll be able to get over to North Westy this next week and get some shots of my baby with it’s roof ripped off!


One Response to “Lost some weight and put on some “new” doors”

  1. RedBaron said

    Awesome project! Keep us updated!

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